COVID19 and “Variance”

What is “variance” you may ask?

It is sort of like a privilege permitting businesses to be open, or reopen. Businesses in the Santa Clara County are required to submit the application by 13 July 2020 if they wish to resume their operation. The County will submit this request to the State also by the 13 July as well. Businesses have to demonstrate that they have modified doing business to minimize the spread of COVID19.


1- Telework, 2- New Social Distancing Protocol requirements, 3- Capacity limitations, 4- Positive case reporting

After completing the variance application with the county the following businesses will be allowed to reopen:

  • Personal Services, including hair and nail salons, massage therapy, and other body care services
  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Construction
  • Recreational and athletic activities
  • Gatherings, including for social, economic, religious, cultural, and other purposes
  • Agriculture
  • Hotels and motels
  • Public transit
  • Childcare, summer camps, and children’s activities
  • Pools
  • Outdoor dining
  • Food facilities

By Wassim Yassine,

A-Z Driving School Owner

Hooray!! 1st drive test reschedule day at DMVs is Friday26June2020

A Message from A-Z Driving School, San Jose, CA

GREAT NEWS folks, now we have a date to work with !!!
For those who’s drive tests were cancelled by the DMV, the DMV is now rescheduling cancelled drive tests starting on Friday June 26. Those who want to schedule a drive test for the first time may be able to take the test sometime in August due to the backlog.

If your Learners Permit is expired and want to take the drive test make sure to apply online for the REAL ID and walk into the DMV 30 min before your drive test time with documents including the certificate of completion.

More over for those who want to do their knowledge test, now you can complete a REAL ID application online from DMV website then go to the DMV office.

**** If you are not an adult yet, remember to bring with you a copy of your “Certificate of Completion of the Drivers Ed course” or you have to back home to get it and then wait in line again. For more info: