Our Mission

Because todays trainees are tomorrows drivers, A-Z Driving School is committed to develop safe driving habits through education and practice paving the road to success  on the drive test and obtaining the drivers license.

Our Driving Instructors:  

Are professional, courteous, and highly experienced trainers in defensive driving.

Our Instructor’s Tools:

Are Dual brake, Additional internal and external mirrors, and Vehicle built-in navigation system.

Our Training Vehicles:

Are certified training vehicles, eco-friendly with many safety features, clearly marked from the outside as a training vehicle for added safety and peace of mind.


Message To Parents:

Welcome, and thank you for visiting our website and considering A-Z Driving School to be your son/daughter’s dedicated driving school. We are delighted to build long term relationship with you and your family for years to come. Our goal is to accelerate learning at a level your child can absorb and understand over the next 360 minutes of their behind the wheel training!

Having your child making rational and calculated decisions while driving will reduce his/her chance of getting into a serious car crash. During the driving lessons we train your child to consider many potential hazards and to make the safest decision (drive defensively). For example, how to properly approach a yield intersection to make a right turn without getting rear ended!

We do understand the immense concern for your child’s safety while driving. Our instructors are highly qualified trainers who will make sure to communicate to your child the wisdom behind defensive driving. We can work as a team to achieve the same goal – Build safe driving life-skills. 

Please check out the DMV booklet titled “Parent-Teen Training Guide” in our “Useful-Resources” page. This guide has valuable training material for you and your child. It will explain how to give instructions to your child. It also has a “Safe Driver Checklist” on page 33 to help you identify skills they need to improve on. 

Additionally, pages 39 and 40 of the booklet are titled Supervised Driving Log to help you keep track of practice hours and skill progress. Your child is required to complete 50 hours of driver training with you (40hrs daytime, and 10 night driver training).  Looking forward to start a journey of success and being your preferred driving school.


Yours Truly;

A-Z Driving School Admin Team