DMV site updates Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

We are going through uncertain times. When will businesses reopen and life goes back to normal again?

As a driving instructor and owner of A-Z Driving School located in Downtown San Jose, I get many questions from my students such as: When will the DMVs in the Bay Area reopen? So I did my due diligence and visited their website for accurate and up to date answers. And to date the DMV is still closed so no walk-ins for the Knowledge test and the Drive test. This is the site I advised my students to check for accurate (no rumors) and up to date answers: After all we are entrusted to pass on correct information, and not rumors.

I will include a link on this site (, and start posting articles published by the DMV to provide site visitors helpful information.

Driver Training Guides & Info on Real ID


Link to multiple DMV practice online tests that will help you ACE  your DMV knowledge test

Driver Handbook



Link to The CA DMV Driving Test Criteria (Examiners use it to evaluate driving skills)


Parent-Teen Training Guide (DL 603)



California DMV- Fast Facts Preparing for Your Driving Test

DMV Driver Education Videos


Steps to Obtain a REAL ID


The Fastest Way To Learn How to Drive Is By Observation

Starting driving is a very exciting time of a teens life. When you start driving its like your dreams are starting to become a reality, you are one step closer to freely go where and when you want without tying someone else in your own plans. It gives you a sense of relief, not feeling guilty of being a burden on someone else.

I would argue that the first step tolerant how to drive is to pay attention to the way your parents drive by observation. Seeing how they take turns, do they decelerate then accelerate, use the brake to slow down then press the gas right away? Or do they coast (letting the car roll by not pressing any peddle) before applying the brake peddle? How can you tell if they are pressing the brake peddle or the gas peddle? How do they turn the steering wheel, and where are they looking. These are some of the things you want to think about as you are sitting in the passenger seat.

I became aware of the importance of observation in accelerating learning how to drive about 6 years ago. When I was training a student on his first lesson. He picked up the driving skills so fast about three times quicker compared to other students starting to learn how to drive. So I probed him and asked if had ever driven a vehicle before his first lesson. He said “No”, but he said that he carefully observed how his parents drove. From that time I became aware of the importance of observation in accelerating the skill level.

My advise to students who are about to start their driving lessons, to help you learn at a faster pace, start watching how your parents drive.